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How It Works

We know you’re busy and you probably can’t live without your pushchair for very long either.  That’s why we’ll collect your pushchair, car seat or travel system from you and drop it off as soon as it’s clean.  Get in touch with any questions or to arrange a collection.

We use non-toxic, baby-friendly products that don’t harm the environment.  We don’t use harsh chemicals and the sparkling results we get are generally from a mega-powerful vacuum, steam and lots of elbow grease!

The Process

* We’ll collect your pushchair at a time to suit you
* We disassemble and remove fabric
* A strong vacuum removes dust and snack debris
* We then apply a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution to high-grime areas
* A steam clean of all the fabric draws out the dirt and kills bacteria (this step of the process gets rid of the nasties that lurk plus dust mites which can cause allergies)
* The dislodged dirt is then removed with a powerful wet vacuum, reducing drying time and avoiding odours
* The chassis and wheels are jet washed and polished
* Finally we reassemble your pushchair and deliver it back to you at a time that suits.

Get in Touch


email hello@thesparklingpushchaircompany.co.uk

or phone 07912 346769